About I Am Guides

I Am Industries will give you the chance to have your own personal Guide to be there for you when you need support and guidance to help get what you want in life.


I Am Guides will be trained to guide and help and reinforce your positivity to make sure you attain your goal and lift you up whenever needed
List of how a Guide can help you.


1. General support for everyday needs
2. Help with research
3. Always give a positive remedy to any negative situation, to help you see that there is always another answer, a positive answer to solve the problem
4. Help you get over tragic events
5. Educate you with success tips and abundance gathering
6. Show you how to move up at work
7. Always guide you to stay on a positive path
8. Your guide will stick with you and make sure you become successful in whatever you choose
9. Path the easiest way to success
10. Always eliminating any negatives you might have throughout the day


Through the I Am chat and call software that you download on your pc or Phone gives easy access to your Guide. I Am believes in participation not dictatorship, we want to make sure you become successful, that your spiritually clear, that you are motivated and happy and realize all your powers. This is not done with 1 seminar or by reading a book or listening to a CD. This is only achieved via constant support and guidance.
The I AM Guides are the first of its kind and anyone who has a guide is certain to stay positive powerful and clear. Creating a path to success that will far easier in every way.