Product Information

The I Am Band is made of 2 components with the first being .925 grade silver (please see certificates shown), and the second consisting of a very powerful component that was used in Egyptian times to seal and protect buried royalty from spiritual intrusion. This second component is completely kept secret and is trademarked. The symbols used are also a collective of spiritual and negative protection symbols from most every nationality and race which have been used for thousands of years in various products related to spiritual awareness and protection. They were placed in a certain order to create exceptional power. The I Am Band is trademarked worldwide for its originality and design.
Our users have found, and we advise, keeping the Band on night and day to achieve the maximum effect of its benefits.
Your I Am Band has a parchment document with your name inscribed and placed inside of the Band.


In most cases, orders from USA, EU and Asia take 5-7 days to receive.
Yes, at the checkout, you can order as many units as you need.
Our Money Back Guarantee is 100% real. We ant you to feel comfortable in your purchase and know that our faith, and that of our community is confident in the results. To know more about our Policy, please check this link >>


We use DHL Global for all of our deliveries, directly to your doorstep.
There is a shipping fee which you can find on the checkout form.
The I Am Band comes in its own box with a card that includes a guide for its use.
The I AM Band comes in its own product box together with full instruction card inside.

Return Policy for Product

Your I Am Band is guaranteed.  Wear it for at least 2 weeks and feel the difference.  Once you have experienced your Band for at least 2 weeks, and you feel that it has not helped you in anyway, you can click <here> to return you Band for a full refund.

Don't be like so many who deny the truth because they don't believe, and live a life of mysery with no change . Turn your life around now. The way its supposed to be, the way its meant for you . Be finally clear from what's holding you back . Buy the iamband now.