The I Am Band Story

For hundreds of years, millions of people suffer worldwide from anxiety and stress every day.  The constant struggle to survive and succeed in life drains us of happiness and the ability to simply enjoy life.

In the past 10 year, there has been a reported 30% rise in people being treated for anxiety and depression.  Most are treated with chemical pharmaceuticals that end up causing more issues than they resolve.

We have to ask ourselves why we suffer from these feelings?  In many cases, we are unaware of spiritual attacks from our enemies or people that wish ill of us, throwing bad thoughts and ill will against us which causes problems and issues in our lives.  Some call it “bad luck” while others simply accept the negative things in their lives as “fate”.

The I Am Band is designed to stop those attacks, block out the negative energies and enhance the positive and powerful YOU!

We Believe

Our Purpose

To eliminate negativity, stress, anxiety and any known or unknown spiritual problems that may be affecting you. To clear your direction and make sure you live a positive and believing life. To support your growth and help you to become the person you envision and enjoy the life you deserve.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to understand and promote the power of SELF. To bring light to the potential of every human to live a truly amazing life, and to spiritually protect our users from any level of negative harm. At I AM Band, we constantly invest in research and development to increase our understanding of the true power within every human while increasing protective benefits of our BAND.

Message from the Founder of I Am Band

The creator of the I Am Band, developed it together with Buddha’s and spiritual leaders from different parts of the world. Creator had been constantly suffering from spiritual attacks for over 20 years and the I Am Band completely resolved those attacks.  He wanted to be sure that others had the same opportunity with a true and powerful answer to block the negative intrusions thrown at us every day. (Please see Testimonial video from creator).

Made from silver and another very important component,  Creator designed the most powerful spiritual and anxiety killer ever made. He quickly realized that the Band had stopped the effects of wrong being placed on him from afar, in some cases, from those he didn’t even know.  Haters were directing jealousy, negative wishes and gossip against him.

What we call bad luck and good luck actually does not exist. We are born for good things in our live, but as more problems come, we find ourselves struggling and living in a desparate spiral of stress and failures.  We blame it on bad luck, poor timing and bad breaks, but in many cases, spiritual intrusion and attacks from people are to blame.

I am Band is a protective and symbolic band that will shield you from bad energies and helps you live a positive life, creating a positive shield that helps you enjoy the life you want and deserve.


Video Commentary

Don't be like so many who deny the truth because they don't believe, and live a life of mysery with no change . Turn your life around now. The way its supposed to be, the way its meant for you . Be finally clear from what's holding you back . Buy the iamband now.